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Pressure Cooker Mushroom Risotto

It's back to school time.  That means it's also time for rushed afternoons filled with homework, sports practices, tutoring, play dates, music or other lessons, and other errands or appointments that leads to more time in the car and less time to spend making a great family meal.  A lot of moms find themselves relying… Continue reading Pressure Cooker Mushroom Risotto

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Light Summer Sangria

Sangria is a great Sunday afternoon drink, but not the sangria that my parents used to make.  The sangria my parents made was a dark, sweet, heavy red wine (something from a jug made by Ernest & Julio Gallo or Inglenook, I'm sure) with sliced up oranges floating in it. In movies when you see… Continue reading Light Summer Sangria

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Chicken Saltimbocca with White Wine Sauce

Very reluctantly, I'm back from my week of culinary indulgence. I gorged myself while sipping on every delectable wine I could in Napa and Paso Robles, so it's back to the kitchen (& the gym) I go. I adore veal saltimbocca, but have greatly cut back my intake of red meat, even the lighter pink/milky… Continue reading Chicken Saltimbocca with White Wine Sauce

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Chicken with Peaches & Ginger

Chicken with Peaches & Ginger I hate the fuzz on fresh peaches but, on a whim, I grabbed a half dozen at the store this week because they smelled so damn good.  Women’s Day Magazine had a recipe that satisfied my criteria for weeknight meals: simple ingredients and under 30 minutes to prepare!  I’m not a fan of… Continue reading Chicken with Peaches & Ginger

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Chicken in Spicy White Wine Sauce

One of the hazards of coaching youth basketball is that Sunday dinners often get missed due to tournament schedules.  Today was one of those days when games were scheduled right smack in the middle of Sunday dinner, so what was planned for dinner became Sunday lunch instead! I am all about quick meals that require… Continue reading Chicken in Spicy White Wine Sauce