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Wine Bottle Tiki Torches


Some wine bottles have painted or etched labels on them that are too pretty to throw away or recycle. #ReduceReuseRecycle  The good news is there are many ways you can re-purpose them around your home.  One way is to get a few inexpensive parts (I found everything I needed to make mine on Amazon – see links) and turn them into indoor oil lamps or mosquito and bug repelling tiki torches that you can scatter around your yard on tables, stick on torch spikes in the ground, or attach to fences with a couple of bolts and clamps.

You’ll Need:

  1. Clean out your wine bottles and suspend upside down until completely dry inside
  2. If you’re removing the labels do this at the same time and make sure no sticky residue remains on the outside of the bottles
  3. Fill each bottle up with 2 – 3 inches of whatever fill you are using: pebbles, stones, shells, etc.
  4. Fill the bottle with whatever oil you are using (indoor or outdoor), stopping about an inch below the base of the neck of the bottle
  5. Insert the bottle wick assembly until the “cork” portion sits down into the neck as far as it can
  6. Adjust the wick so that no more than 1/4″ to 3/8″ is visible above the stopper
  7. If using to control smoking, place the protective glass chimney onto the neck of the bottle, down over the wick assembly.

Helpful Tip: Allow the wick to soak up the lamp oil for at least 30 minutes before lighting for the first time.

Helpful Tip: Once the wick burns down, blow out flame, let it cool, use tweezers to pull up the wick, trim it off with scissors and start the process again

Your cost per unit (if you ignore the cost of the wine) is far less than the wine bottle oil lamps you see on Etsy or other places online and you can customize yours anyway you want!  #GirlsGoneWine #FunLisaWineOh

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