A Perfect Tasting Party Platter


One of the easiest appetizers to serve at a wine tasting party is the charcuterie platter. Though they require little advanced preparation, charcuterie boards—filled with cured meats, cheeses, olives, mustards and more – can impress guests with the way they bring out the best in the wines you are serving.

This charcuterie platter, “borrowed” from the wonderful crew at Jordan Winery, is aimed at a crowd drinking Cabs and Chardonnays, so it’s sure to please all palates!

Because I like to offer a wide variety of wines from my cellar when I am hosting a wine evening at home, I will often create 2 or 3 different charcuterie platters and spread them around so that guests do not gather in any one place for long and mingle with many people.

Besides the items listed above, some of my favorite, inexpensive things to include:

You don’t have to go broke creating a charcuterie platter.  Cost Plus World Markets carries imported meats, cheeses, spreads, wines, nuts, olives, spreads, the perfect presentation boards & knives to serve them, and more, gives a 15% discount if you have their Free Membership card, plus (if you want to order & ship) they often run online specials like their current 10% off with the code they show on their site.  Trader Joe’s, Amazon, Your local grocery stores and even Home Goods carry many of the same and more.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll start to see new things to include everywhere!

Since they’re so kind at sharing their great charcuterie tips with #GirlsGoneWine, one and all, keep in mind that if you’re looking for things to do in Healdsburg, one of my favorite stops is Jordan.  They offer a FABULOUS Wine & Charcuterie Tasting. #FunLisaWineOh


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