Red Wine Improves Your Sex Life!

Red wine spilled from glassesWhen expressing your love or passion for someone, what color comes to mind?  If you answered Red, you understand the psychology behind the meaning of color.  Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. It is also the color of anger and sexual passion.

It turns out that, when it comes to enhancing and improving your sexual experience, Red is the magic color here too!  Of all the alcoholic beverages you can share with a romantic partner before sex, red wine is the only one, science attests, that can actually enhance and improve sex.

  1. In a study conducted at Kingston University in The United Kingdom and published September 7, 2012, in BMC Nutrition Journal, it was established that, in moderation, red wine consumption can boost men’s testosterone levels which, in turn, increases sexual desire.  Too much red wine, however, can cause testosterone levels to plummet.  Scientists conducting the study recommended no more than a glass or two with dinner nightly to achieve the optimum sexual boosting results.
  2. A study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health in July of 2009 found that women who drank red wine had an increase in  blood flow to their erogenous zones, and increased lubrication.  Participants who drank red wine also reported a higher sex drive than those who drank any other type of alcohol.
  3. In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it was noted that polyphenols found in red wine (also in coffee, berries, beer and tea) can help lower cholesterol or blood pressure, decrease the risks of diabetes or cancer, or lead to a longer life.  Reducing cholesterol and increasing blood flow would then explain why the incidence of erectile dysfunction in the study went down by 14%.

As with all good things, moderation is the key.  All of the studies saw positive results with 1 to 2 glasses but the positive results were lost when more wine than that was drunk as a habit.  #GirlsGoneWine


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