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Pairing Food With Rose Champagne

It's pink wine season and, if you're like me, occasionally you like a glass of pink bubbles.  Since it's rare that I drink without something to eat with it, I think it's good to know what goes with pink! I guess pink wine and Champagne aren't good mates with cheese...who knew?  #GirlsGoneWine


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Friends With Benefits…Wine Punch

Punch is definitely not the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words, "friends with benefits," but to each his own. 😉 At The Broken Shaker Bar at the Freehand Hotel in Miami, they came up with a mildly boozy, bubbly, ginger tinged, adult lemonade, SO made for day drinking, that you'll… Continue reading Friends With Benefits…Wine Punch

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Sick of Mimosas? Do A Sunshine Sipper!

I don't know about you, but nothing ruins a great brunch faster for me, than a sub-par mimosa!  Frankly, I think orange juice, or any juice for that matter, ruins champagne, but for those who insist on #JuicingUp their bubbles, why do you insist on using crap champagne????  But I digress... For those who enjoy… Continue reading Sick of Mimosas? Do A Sunshine Sipper!