About Me

IMG_0139Sometimes, when you’re at home enjoying a glass of wine, I hope you’ll spend some time with me.

I’m just a California girl who loves a sunny day, time at the beach, a glass of good red wine, Kentucky bourbon #MakersMark or even a fancy cocktail if the mood strikes me. If my arteries, and favorite skinny jeans would allow it, I’d eat steak & potatoes every night.

I love losing myself in a good book. Biographies of world leaders, rock & roll Gods, and personal heroes & heroines, crime dramas, suspense filled modern romance, and even the occasional “trashy romance novel” can be found on my tablet, Nook or book shelf, but research is my thing. I always know my facts. If I don’t know the answer I look it up & look out! I’m a girl with opinions on everything around me! I’m funny but can’t even tell a “knock knock” joke.

I’m a guy’s girl.  I love football, hockey & basketball and can talk sports with the best of them, but I also have an overflowing makeup drawer, a serious shoe addiction, and cry like a baby watching a chick flick.  My deep Southern roots show themselves via my love of the outdoors, two good (spoiled) hunting dogs, comfort food (especially grits & greens), a rugged man, a sturdy pickup truck and muscle cars. I drive my Porsche too fast, cuss too much, but respect for my Mom, my elders and the smell of fresh baked bread & apple pie rank high in my book. I believe in and honor the men who serve in the United States Military.  Born in Texas, I’m likely to speak with a #SouthernDrawl when I’m around anyone else from the South (or if I’ve had a couple of cocktails), and I love many of the same things as my Southern relatives: NASCAR, College Football #FightOn USC Trojans, and BBQ.

I’m that girl who listens intently and thinks a lot. Random thoughts that pop into my head often lead me off onto a trek to learn and understand something new or something that disagrees with what I might have believed prior.

At times I’m funny, sometimes I’m infuriating, but I’m always honest. #FunLisaWineOh #GirlsGoneWine #ExtremeBlondeMoments #ThisGirlLovesToEat